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tv   [untitled]    March 14, 2012 3:00am-3:30am PDT

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assigned to committee -- i am sorry. it has been assigned but it is not in committee and land use yet. goothe benefit corporation wille heard on wednesday, and the proposed changes due to this commissions feedback and discussion with the human rights commission, there are four bulleted items i have provided which would prevent them from getting a discount if it would bump a non-profit. the discount would apply to contracts under $10 million,
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and add an evaluation period to two years. last month we heard the mayor have legislation appropriating $1 million, so it had a hearing of the budget and finance committee, and it will be heard this coming wednesday, so i will let you know the results of the budget and finance committee. supervisor wiener has identified -- have introduced the eating and drinking establishment
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requirements, but hopefully that will take place soon. gooa height increase, there wera couple of areas in district 1. but is waiting to be scheduled as well, and the security plans for the commercial parking garages is being scheduled on march 29, so i will keep you apprised of the results of the actions. most likely chris will keep you apprised as to what takes place with these items, and some ongoing policy matters, there is a disability access we have been having working with businesses. i have been meeting with merchants, and what is being
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developed are some proposed recommendations at the state and federal level. understanding it is not going to change, but there are things that can be done to help inform small businesses and increase the accessibility and increase the liability for small businesses, -- decrease the liability for small businesses, so we are hoping to have of formal proposal, so that it will be something that will be coming before you, and i am sure you have been reading regarding mobile foods, that they have
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introduced legislation that prohibits mobile servicfoods frm being 1,500 feet from a public and private elementary school monday through friday from 6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. this takes out all of the real estate of sandford cisco, so supervisor wiener -- of san francisco, so supervisor winner has been in discussion, and we are working with the state legislative committee and state lobbyists to try to affect some change, because this would have a tremendous impact on the program and we have worked so hard to create, and it is a
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model designed for our rural and suburban environment, so right now in our permanent program, no food trucks are allowed in the 1500's were a foot radius -- 1500 square foot radius of the public high school monday through friday, and that has been too restrictive, so supervisor winner has introduced legislation to scale down a dark and one city block -- supervisor wiener has introduced legislation to scale the track in one block, so i will keep you apprised as we make sure we know
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the direction. it is either the san francisco is exempt or that there are municipalities but have a robust program are exempt, but the preference is the and we have san francisco exempt from this state legislation because we are a unique urban environment that does not exist anywhere else in the state, so that is something offices are actively working on, and oak overview -- a quick overview of what is happening with the retreat, we will be getting agendas and some packet materials of this wednesday and subsequent information will be following through e-mail up until the monday before hand, so
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with that, i am going to close my report unless there is any questions you may have. >> i have one question. you said to reduce its discount from 8% to 4%. is not just for -- is that just for lbs? >> i have not seen the language, so i think this is for non-lbe. >> david said he was going to reduce it, but i did not know to what. >> the legislation you will see in the committee meeting is what was originally introduced, and then at the committee, amendments are made, so he sent
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me this list that is the proposed amendments. goocommissioner o'brien: i wondr if it is going to be after the retreat of we will have the committees again? >> we are going to do that after the retreat. any other questions? next item. >> item 10, president report. but such as want to report we do have a retreat next wednesday -- i just want to report we have retreat next wednesday at 1:00, but the business tax reform roundtable have to do with sand and cisco region with san francisco -- has to do with san
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francisco. every other city has a gross receipts tax, so the city economist told the round table to see what affects that would have on small business and in the ideas of what would come forth and if there were a change, so we have heard a lot of ideas this evening, and we will be meeting with the controller again, so this is something you will see and hear a lot of over the next few months. they want to have this done by april 15, so if anybody is interested, it will be ready via e-mail.
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i think getting everybody's impact region we are all small- business owners, and this will affect everybody. >> we are working to get a briefing at the retreat and if not there then at the april meeting. >> that is all i have for this evening. >> item 11, vice president report. >> i do not have anything at this time. >> item 12, commissioner reports. commissioner riley: as the director mentioned, i attended a workshop with the small business commission, and it was really well-attended.
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it was almost standing room only, and we have an assemblyman and supervisor david shula -- david shulchu, and it was very informative. prior to this workshop, i was not too clear on the difference between the benefit corporation, but it is pretty clear the differences between them, and there were small-business owners to talk about how they benefit, so that is one thing, and i also attended a press conference to allow them to invest in the neighborhood strategy work crew. good -- work group. this is item number 10, to
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invest in a neighborhood initiative for commercial corridors, so there was a very good reading, and i was off to work on the work group. our first meeting was going to be at 11:00, so i was hoping we'd get them to come to our retreat. i also attended a meeting with the fda advocacy group as well as with the fda and the oriental food association, and as mentioned by the public affairs specialist, there is going to be a lot of new food safety laws coming out, so it is important for us through informs small-
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business owners, and especially the group that imports food from outside of the country, and some of the members of this association mentioned there are so many new laws coming out, it would be important for them to be informed, so one of the ways i suggested is for the fda to send information to us, and we can send it out now along with our newsletter so people can be informed of what is coming up, and all they have to do is give us a paragraph in with a link to the new law. >> thank you, commissioner o'riley. commissioner dwight: i just want to report i exchanged a few emails. i was there and chatted about
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dthe b corps thing. it took awhile to tease out some opportunities that major real impact on him, because he said he was not really enthused about closing the gap, and the more he had to think about it the more it made sense, and it appears they are recommending in it is reduced from 8% to 4%. it is always nice to know that our discussions appear to have some impact. commissioner dooley: i attended a meeting of the small independent pet store owners, and i invited someone to meet with them, and that was very excited for those members to
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realize there are groups supporting small business issues, and it was well- received. the pet stores are becoming new members, so i think it was a good hook croup. commissioner dwight: that reminds me, i went to the meeting at petrero hills, and there were not a lot of people there, but i was there, and the owner of sports baseman, who is very involved, and i learned they are not formally organized, and i wondered if it could be organized in the same way because and made available funding options, so i am going to try to help the organization get organized whatever is the
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right way, but we are meeting this friday to talk about whether there is an opportunity to be set up in a way that could provide other funding methods, because they have really struggled to have any staff, and retail isthmus a major regional retail is a major employer -- and retail is a major employer, and if they could organize themselves not as a typical merchant association, but as an economic development force, that would be fantastic, so we will see. they were excited to have some interesting. good >> any other commissioner reports? next item. >> item 13, the general public
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comment. >> any members of the public wish to speak? seeing none. >> new business. >> seeing none, next item. >> is there a movement to adjourn? >> all in favor? the meeting is adjourned at 8:43 p.m.
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>> good morning and welcome to this groundbreaking event for our new home at pac 12 studious. i am the president of pac 12 enterprises. we are thrilled to get this construction project rolling. pac 12 enterprises is a subsidiary of pac 12 conference and is home to aover 1200 employees. we will be launching one national television network, six regional television networks, and an additional network. as we have announced previously, we have distribution agreements with four of the most powerful
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cable companies in the cable industry. including comcast, time warner, cox, and brighthouse. if you live in the bay area, we will be part of your basic cable package with comcast. i would like to acknowledge and thank our new neighbor, the leader of comcast sportsnet. for his help in this process. when you live in a neighborhood, some neighbors swap eggs for making cookies. we will be swapping television cameras with ted's group. as part of our programming mix, we will televised 850 live sporting events across our 12 campuses each year. that does not include hundreds more that we will eventually strain on our digital network. our event mix will include 34 football games, over 125 men's
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basketball games, over 40 women's basketball games, and another 650 olympic sports events which our conference dominates on an annual basis. in fact, the pac 12 has won several competitive championships. what is most gratifying of all, our dynamic student athletes in all sports will be given the increased national exposure they so richly deserved. speaking of athletes, we have quite a list of former pac 12 star athletes and coaches and i will introduce them in a moment. first, we would not be standing here today if it was not for the support of mayor ed lee. aside from the vision he has for bringing technology and entertainment companies to san francisco, it does not hurt that he has a law degree from cal, so
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he is a pac 12 guy. it is my pleasure to introduce mayor ed lee. [applause] >> good morning, everyone. this is exciting. the most exciting thing is that san francisco is doing all the right things to signal that we want to make sure people know though role of technology is our future. it is a big part of our present in terms of business, but the way that we do and think. so when gary and larry met with me a few months ago, we talked about the need for speed. when you look at all these athletes here, they move in their own sports with a great indeliberate speed. i wanted to show them as much as to gary and larry we could move with speed as well to complement
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the kind of athleticism our stars are representing. san francisco has been very fortunate. we have had this past year the cal bears play at at&t part. we have had the higfight hunger bowl. we want to make sure that that content of these athletes gets distributed as widely as possible and that is why when i heard the interest of the pac 12 to locate their media center here, we jumped on it. with all the innovative we have here, it would be a very short time that that media distribution could be blended with all the thousands of possible applications to get the content out into every possible mode and for our athletes present in the -- and in the future, it would be great for them.
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they could be viewed at people at their comfort but at their most exciting than is possible. we're here not only to signal our support. we know that this will be over 125 jobs by the end of the year. they told us that if the city is interested, we have got to start, they have to be able to broadcast by august. we went into that speed mode, that final two-minute drill to make sure we're able to get this thing started right away. we are excited here. this media center is all about that land. -- blend. we can distinguish here and what would have happened if it was the los angeles region and we're happy they chose here because this is our future. i believe it is the future of sports content delivery throughout the west coast and the world. we're glad to make sure they're not only west coast distribution, we think with your
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media center, it will be worldwide distribution. that is where we want to be. we want to make sure the media center has a worldwide ability and to match up the talent we have here. thank you. i am so happy to start drilling holes and building new walls. congratulations to all of us working together. larry as well and to all the athletes here. i may be the shortest guy here but i move pretty fast, too. thank you. [applause] >> larry scott came to the pac 12 with a plan and vision to reenergize the conference and lift it to new heights. after an expansion, negotiating and new blockbuster television agreement with fox and espn that guaranteed national exre


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